The Story of Devi

We are a silver jewelry manufacturer with a store in Jaipur, India. Our medium is 925 silver. We create earrings, bracelets, rings and anklets in silver along with precious stones.
Founded in 2001 by designer Devika Jethani Arora, Devi is a brand synonymous with uber chic jewelry. Devi embodies a vision to express indigenous craft and culture by way of various techniques. Silver is married to natural stones by artisans and the outcome is presented to a discerning audience for them to adorn and express their individuality.

-Founder, Devika Jethani Arora
All products at Devi are hand crafted. Jewelry by Devi carries a certain historical/ traditional value which reflects in our design language. All our designs are developed and manufactured in 925 sterling silver, unless specified. Each piece is hand crafted by highly skilled artisans.
We here at Devi have made a constant endeavor to improvise with regard to design and quality. Preparing to showcase our designs and products to a wider audience who will be able to truly appreciate the youthfulness and vivacity of contemporary silver jewelry. Each item is created for an esteemed clientele to celebrate an important event or to grace themselves.

Free shipping

We provide free shipping on all orders, within India.